Guitar Hero 3

So you have seen the game and you know that it is all the rage but Mid-Atlantic Adventures takes it to the next level!  We offer the ability to play Guitar Hero 3 on our huge (25’ L x 8’ W x 15’ H) screen!  This will take the game from a personal activity to a full crowd interactive experience. 

Play against musical legends or face off against friends in this individual or two player game that brings out the rock god in everyone!

The Mid-Atlantic Adventures Guitar Hero 3 system comes complete with the giant movie screen, monster sound system, game system and super bright projector.  Ask us how you can get the Dance Dance Revolution experience for free as well. Unit Size (buffer space needed around unit as well) 25’ L x 8’ W x 15’ H

Give us a call at 888-380-5620 or 703-248-0031 and we would be happy to help ;-)