Extreme Inflatables

  • The Birthday party size units need a space of approximately 19 ‘ x 16’ x 17’. This area needs to be relative flat, with no overhead wires and preferably on grass or pavement
  • The large obstacle courses need approximate 70’ x 14’ x 17’, a relatively flat area, with no overhead wires and preferably on grass or pavement

Climbing Walls

  • Our climbing walls require a level set up area that is approximately 28’ x 15’ x 28’. The walls must be towed into place with a standard size truck, however some exceptions can be accommodated for indoor placement at conventions or gyms. There is no power requirement to operate the wall, and set up takes only a matter of minutes. Please ensure that you have adequate space before reserving a wall.

Extreme Air Bungee Jumper

  • We can set up 1, 2, 3, or 4 jumping stations for your event. A single jumping station requires a foot print of 30’ x 30’ and to set up all 4 jumping stations requires a space of 50’ x 50’. The overhead area needs to be clear of trees and wires, with at least a 25’ clearance. We DO need a power source to operate the Extreme Air Bungee Jumper
Unsure of how Adventure Equipment will fit into your event area? Mid-Atlantic Adventures will gladly do a site inspection for an additional fee.