Rock Climbing Wall

WOW our HUGE 26’ Portable Rock Climbing Walls command attention at any event.  Not only will the wall be the tallest item at your event but provides hours of fun for all your participants. 

Our walls are top of the line “real feel” which means that the walls look and feel like real rock not just a flat surface with a few hand holds like most walls.  The participants can use not only the hand holds but the many contours of the wall including the dinosaur and shell fossils.

25' L, 25' W, 32' H

Our walls are suitable for participants between 45 – 250 lbs but recommend that in order for the participants to get the most out of the wall they are ages 5 and older.  We have had an 83 year old woman climb the wall as well so it really is fun for all ages!

Give us a call at 888-380-5620 or 703-248-0031 and we would be happy to help ;-)